An Important message about the future:

Sometimes in life, what you NEED to do and what you want to do are just not compatible. When that decision involves other people, it gets even more difficult.

Over the past year, in addition to the ridiculous and seemingly unending trials involving weather, pests and cost of inputs, I was diagnosed with positive autoimmune tests. My body has been rebelling. Sometimes in a quiet whisper of discontent, but more and more frequently, in loud, disruptive roars of fury.

Running a market garden at any scale is physically demanding on the healthiest of bodies, so trying to keep the necessary pace when my body is struggling has proved to be a more and more common hurdle as the year has progressed. I have an amazing crew, but when coupled with the previously mentioned trials, we just never could get to the point of feeling like we could get things into a manageable place.

After hours and days of reflection on what I want for my own health (physical and emotional), and working to figure out how to make those improvements while farming for retail or CSA style, I just couldn't see it being realistic when I was honest with myself. I have to put my health first, without the guilt or stress of staying on a schedule or meeting other people's expectations.

So with ALL of that said, at the end of the Market season (Oct 39th), we will be switching to online orders only, and after December 17th ( the last fulfillment date for our Buyers Club) we will be closing down The Looney Farm.

At this point, my plan is to invest time and energy into my health and wellness, and then also help empower others to do so. I am interested in teaching others how to grow their own food (I SWEAR if I can, YOU can!) And will likely have some starter plants and classes starting in the Spring to help facilitate that end.

THANK YOU for allowing me and Joe and our farm to grow food for you. It has been one of my proudest accomplishments and I'm humbled and honored by the love and dare I say sometimes fanatical support and encouragement. I can't stress enough how much it has meant in this journey. I hope to continue the relationships we've built in new and different ways as the future plans unfold.



Carrie Chlebanowski 
and Joe :)

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