Home Deliveries


If you opt for home delivery, here's how it works:

Our deliveries are routed around our pickup locations and times, so the exact time or even an approximate time for your delivery cannot be determined ahead of time.

What we can and will do is send a text message to the phone number on the order when you are next on the route. We will tell you who we are, and about what time we'll be there to drop off your order. 

Click here to see the official map of delivery zones and pickup locations.

What if you can't be there to receive your order?

You order will be delivered if you are home or not. If you know or aren't sure if you be home, we suggest that you leave a cooler large enough to hold your entire order. In the hotter months, we'd recommend ice packs, or some ice for extra protection.  In the colder months, a cooler will help protect against freezing if the temps get that low.

Need to leave some special instructions?

Please feel free to leave any helpful notes for you order. You can leave gate codes so we know how to get in, or if you have your cooler in a "hidden" place, or something else that will help us to get your order to you.

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