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Sunday Closed Closed All orders get picked up or delivered on SATURDAYS
Monday Closed Open @ 8am
Tuesday Open @ 8am Open
Wednesday Open Open
Thursday Closes @ 12am Closes @ 12pm
Friday Closed Closed
Saturday Closed Closed


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the store schedule:

Why isn't the store opened 7 days a week like most ecommerce stores?
We aren't a grocery store, we don't keep an "inventory" when at all possible. Harvesting is a cyclical, weekly process, so as we know what crops are coming into harvest, we have an idea of what items will be available.  When the store opens, and as items sell out, that is all that is available for the week.


Why does the Buyer's Club get to shop a day early?
The Buyer's Club is a paid membership (our version of a CSA). A perk of membership is that they get first dibs (early access) to the goods coming the market for the week.


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